Bartering and How It Works

Many people think of bartering as a one-to-one transaction between two parties. In their minds, even if you are a member of some kind of barter organization, such as Tradebank, they still think you are trading your service or product directly for the other person's service or product. But Tradebank is a new way to barter that is much more efficient and versatile than that!

The New Way to Barter

The best way to explain what Tradebank does is to think of Tradebank like a traditional bank. You put Trade dollars into your account with the Tradebank “bank,” and when you make purchases you make an electronic withdrawal from your account or you use your Tradebank card like a debit card. In this analogy, the main difference between Tradebank and a traditional bank is that all the people you trade with must have an account with Tradebank.

Tradebank services to you include sending you new business on a continuing basis, facilitating your purchase requests, and automating the bookkeeping for each trade transaction. All transactions are credited immediately, so there are no receivables, collection efforts, or bad debts involved.

Barter As Much or As Little As You Want at Tradebank

You can control how much you want to barter, when you want to buy and sell, and what you want to buy and sell. Trade dollars that you earn never expire so you can spend your money any time you want. You also have complete control of when you want to sell your goods and services. If you have a season when your cash business is booming, you might want to wait until your “off” season to trade, and that's all right. Tradebank members understand and are happy to work with you—after all, they have the same issues.


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