Get Cash Referrals through Barter

All Tradebank members understand that while barter is a valuable tool, "cash is king." That's why Tradebank members refer their fellow Tradebank members to cash-paying friends, family, and business associates

Members Are Loyal

Tradebank members that do business with you on trade understand the value of referrals, and they will refer you to other Tradebank members as well as to their friends and associates outside of Tradebank—in other words, to CASH-PAYING customers. Of course, just as with any other customer, you have to earn Tradebank members satisfaction to get their recommendations. Of course you also have the potential of bringing in new cash-paying customers through advertising that you pay for with trade. The bottom line is that membership in Tradebank will increase your cash flow and build your bottom line.

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most effective ways to get new customers that pay with cash.

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