Increase Sales with Barter

At Tradebank, it is our goal to help you grow your business. Our brokers actively market your goods and services through our barter network to stimulate and increase your sales. Think of your Trade Broker as another sales person who helps you get more customers and increase your sales. When a new member joins, we do the following: send an email to all of the members telling them who you are, what you do, and what you are marketing. This is one of the least expensive ways to get your name out. Members can immediately contact you or your broker to make a purchase from you. Once you have trade bank dollars in your account, you can select members you want to do business with and you can contact them or your broker can make the call on your behalf.

Sell Excess Time or Inventory on Trade

You'll also increase sales by making your unscheduled time and excess inventory available on trade at full retail prices. Instead of hurting your bottom line, idle time and excess inventory can now add to your bottom line. Instead of selling at marked-down prices (or not at all), your time and inventory can sell for their full retail value.

Increase Sales through Advertising on Trade

Yet another way to increase sales through bartering is by advertising your business with Tradebank members who provide advertising opportunities in magazines, newspapers, radio, TV, and signage. You also can take advantage of designing and printing sales collateral with Tradebank members. Experts say that in a tight economy, companies need to increase their advertising budgets. The reality is that the advertising budget is usually one of the first things a company cuts when expenses need to be trimmed. So while your competitors are decreasing their advertising budgets, you can be increasing yours, giving you the competitive edge in the marketplace.

Large and small companies in every business category are discovering the advantages of using trade to improve cash flow and reduce excess inventory.

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