We think the best endorsement of Tradebank Nashville comes from our members themselves. You can read the testimonials here or watch the video testimonials—you will see that one theme runs through all the testimonials —“Bartering is worth it.”


We Think Trade First

Tradebank has been such a blessing to our business and family. It has offered a community of networking affiliates that offer valuable cash referrals and bring in additional business through our door.  The bartered income has added quality to our lives by giving us options for entertaining, event, gift giving, health and beauty and more. It has blessed our lives with friendships that I feel certain I will carry throughout my life. 

With all of the hardship that this economy has dealt us, Tradebank has flourished and brought in the additional income that can be used for services that we now do not have to pay for with cash out of pocket. We look forward to using trade for travel, dental, gifts, and to use as our primary resource for a large wedding.  Since we now understand how to make trade work for us, it has become our number one resource... we think Trade "first!"

—  Sharon Ingram,  Mud Puddle Pottery Studio,  Harpeth Art Center & Gallery



I Have Saved Thousands and Thousands of Dollars Using Trade

I joined Tradebank in 2011, and have been an active trader since day one. I started by attending Tradebank University which put trade dollars in my account immediately. Next I made sure that I had the Tradebank logo on my website so I could collect the $15 trade dollars every month. It didn't take long, though for my website design services to start earning lots and lots of trade dollars.

Spending my trade dollars has never been a problem for me. If you work at it and are willing to be flexible, you can save yourself a lot of money using trade instead of paying cash. I call my Tradebank broker any time I need something to see if it is available on trade before I spend cash.

In addition to my web design company, I also own a local vacation rental. For the upkeep and maintenance of that property, I have spent thousands and thousands of trade dollars (which means I have saved thousands and thousands of dollars in cash). My purchases at Tradebank include painting, carpet installation, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, duct work cleaning, pest control, solar film on the windows, honeycomb shades for windows, landscaping, roof repair, HVAC repair, built-in vacuum system repair, and on and on.

— Yvonne Johnson, Mojo Media Team









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